Moving Forward.

In local missions, our major goals will always be to (1) serve people in Christ's name by forming relationships and (2) enter in to counteract systems that cause poverty. To move forward with these broader goals, we are giving special attention to these initiatives!


Supporting Foster/Adoptive Families

Caring for children is often lonely, hard work. This is especially true when these children are coming from backgrounds of poverty and abuse. We have around 50 families who have committed to hosting trauma-impacted children in their homes, and one of our major initiatives is to help our local body come alongside these families. 


NEW Foster/adoptive FAMILIES

The need for orphan care is not diminishing at all. There are children trapped in the cycle of poverty all over the world, and some of them are right here in Story County. So while we want to take major steps to help Cornerstone members support the existing families, we also want to continue to find host families who are called to this vital ministry and help them get started. 

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Partner with 10 families to secure sustainable housing 

Primarily through participation in the Home for Awhile transitional housing program, our goal is for Cornerstone families to build relationships with ten families facing homelessness this year. Church members can come alongside families to serve as allies during the program's 3-month duration, and then potentially continue relationship through life's ups and downs after sustainable housing is obtained.



The Salt Company has set a pace for helping connect Iowa State Students to serve teachers and students in local elementary schools. We would love to add to their number with other Cornerstone members and see at least 200 volunteers sharing their lives with students in our elementary schools each week.