Foster care

A home for youth in crisis...


The Big Picture

In 2016, there were 687,000 children in foster homes nationwide. Of these, 118,000 children were waiting to be adopted.  (Administration for children and Families)

In the State of Iowa, there are thousands of foster children, and many who are not currently in homes. We would love to see local bodies of believers across the country and across Iowa would step forward to completely meet this need so that children that are in the Foster Care system are placed in believing, nurturing homes where they would experience the gospel and the love of the Father.

Foster care is an amazing opportunity to not only look out for orphans, but also to look out for the poor and the needy in the community, as interactions with birth parents can be a window into the healing hope and grace the Gospel offers. Newly licensed resource families are always needed to replace current families who need to take a break or leave the system because of adoption. There is an ongoing need for families who can foster teenagers, children with special needs or difficult behaviors, and sibling groups. There is also always a need for more families to consider adopting children from foster care. along with a critical need for more African American and Latino families.

The Local Picture

In 2017, there were 184 children placed in foster care in Story County alone, with over 2000 more in the surrounding counties. (Iowa Data Center).

Here at Cornerstone, we try to step into this vision for foster care by (1) recruiting foster families to serve the needs of Story County, (2) connecting them with training, resources, and other foster parents, and (3) partnering with other families to provide resources and respite.

THE Foster care PROCESS

If you are interested in foster care, your first step will be to attend a foster care overview. These are often held at Cornerstone, so consider joining the Foster Care Updates and Information Group (just click the big button below to get that started!) to see when the next meeting is. At this meeting you will receive an application that will guide you through the rest of the process - the final step of which is TIPS-MAPP, a 10-week certification course.  


Each month, Cornerstone foster and adoptive families meet together on a Thursday evening for training and/or peer support. Click here to see this year's schedule of meetings.

Resources and Respite

Since Cornerstone has over 30 foster families, respite and resource needs can often be met by reaching out to this community of support. Further, there is a large group of Christian families in Central Iowa that seek to serve each other in these ways as well!