Local Missions Update - Where are we investing financially?


As we launch the new website, I am going to try my hand at sending along highlights, updates, and commentary. 

The Lord knows there are enough brilliant people writing enough brilliant things already, so my goal will not be to add to the "noise", but rather to keep people updated on how God is moving particularly through His people here in central Iowa. As I've taken on this new role, I've come into contact with people, agencies, and ideas that I am so encouraged by, but was totally unaware of until recently - even though I have been on staff at Cornerstone for 8 years! 

One area where I would love to increase awareness is where Cornerstone's people have contributed financially to the needs of the community over the past year. Here is a brief list:

  • Home for Awhile
    • Families who have been recently evicted or are nearing homelessness are eligible for three months of subsidized housing through Home For Awhile.
  • MICA
    • Following the Marshalltown tornado, Cornerstone supported MICA as they attempted to help people re-gain access to their utilities
  • United Way
    • Cornerstone was part of an effort to help Boys and Girls Club establish a campus in Nevada.
  • Local Schools
    • Cornerstone has key members who are "liaisons" at each of our area schools. As needs come to light in each of those schools, we try and support our people as they address these needs 
  • Also...Lutheran Services of IowaObria Medical Clinics, and Good Neighbor.

For those of you giving generously to Cornerstone - THANK YOU. Be encouraged - as you give faithfully, you are supporting these local endeavors along with everything else going on at our church - global missions, church planting, facilities, staff, etc. Every month, I feel that my gift is the best bang-for-the-buck investment I can make. I hope you feel the same way as well!

Shane Kelley